Hi my name is Louis I am 15 am a supporter of Hull City football club and follow them Home and Away.I like many other supporters was shocked by the news not that our game against Huddersfield town has been moved to a 5:20 kick off from a 12:30 kick off but the restrictions put in place by West Yorkshire Police for this game the key Focal points were that:

The away fans would only be allocated a maximum of 1500 fans allowed in the stadium to support the club at the game , the away end at Huddersfield can hold up to 4000 fans at one time this which was filled by Leeds who I see as a more high risk game than ours!

All Away fans must use the official club travel to get to the game and get their tickets this meaning no matter where you live you must go through Hull itself and go on the clubs official travel this meaning that even if you lived in the Huddersfield area you would have to go to Hull to go back to Huddersfield to go back to Hull to then make your way home to Huddersfield this causing a 300 mile journey to the ground and back even if you lived in 1-5 miles of the ground.

This presents a great difficulty to me and my friends because we would have to travel 350 miles to get to a ground that is only 30 miles away from my house in Manchester. This causes even further trouble as there are no trains back to Manchester at that time, this meaning there is no way for me to attend the game unless these restrictions are dropped. Also one of my best friends who lives in Hull is Disabled so he needs assistance from both his parents and usually stays in a hotel after the game but unfortunately west Yorkshire police have only accommodated for people who need help from only one person. The restrictions stipulate that people with disabilities are only allowed to travel to the game with one carer this meaning that my friend cannot attend the game either.

The matter of the ticket limitations also mean that in what is expected to be a pivotal game in the end of this years season and the players will need as much support as they can get but alas this cannot be so as the Police have limited us to only 1,500 fans.


Here is a picture of me in china nearly four years ago in a state which has a lot of restrictions I was still allowed to watch my team freely and with no restrictions, how is it that I am treated like a criminal and have to accept these ridiculous restrictions.

Well I say no we will not abide by rules that are forced upon us that are not just unreasonable but are just not justified, our club had 0 arrests last year related to alcohol. There is no evidence to support this descision so therefore with the help of the FSF and solicitors I am considering a legal challenge against West Yorkshire Police to get these ridiculous restrictions removed!

This is our game not theirs it was made by fans for fans and will not be ruined by anyone if we take a stand!

If everyone that reads this please put what club they supporting the comments so I can show that it isn’t just our fans that care it is the entire great football community help us to show that we will not back down and that we are just FANS not hooligans!

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Thanks Louis