The campaign gets bigger

It didn’t take long to feel supported by the whole football family. Messages of support have come in from all over England Scotland, Europe and the Americas. The main comments are about how the policing of some games has been stuck in the past and as fans we should be free to get to games however we choose, when we choose and with who we choose. The other message coming through is that if we are not successful lots more fans may face this kind of thing at more and more away games. I love away games and cannot imagine Football without it. Those of us that go away know people who don’t are missing out on a big part of what it means to be a football fan.
Anyway it seems lots more well known people are also getting involved. The chairman of the all party committee for football, MP’s from all over and even former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. I don’t want to spam links but couldn’t resist this one. National Coverage

Anyway another radio interview done this morning and more to come. Hope the campaign is as successful as we all want it to be!




One thought on “The campaign gets bigger

  1. Greetings from Poland. Here football match attendance is more restricted so I fully understand your campaign. Good luck!

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