Hey everyone here’s an update on our progress:

I spoke to the BBC about possible interviews and am possibly going on BBC radio Humberside today!

We signed all the forms for legal aid and are sending them off to the solicitor today.

We have had over 400 people view the blog 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Update

    • Good luck Louis, hope it all gets reversed. Just to let you know that 8 Huddersfield fans will be cycling to the game. Leaving the Houses of Parliament on Good Friday 29th March and ariving back in time for the game the next day. 240 + miles in 24 hours. Crazy I know. We are raising funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and would welcome any donations from any football supporters. You can donate by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/townfansgonorthtokeepitup
      See you at the game, as long as WYP dont stop us from coming!!

  1. Well done Louis. I would have to travel to the game from my home in West Yorkshire via Hull and back again. I have written to Mark Burns-Williamson,Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire and received a reply stating that he will raise the matter with the Temporary Chief Constable. I would urge other fans to do the same. As I fear this is ultimately about money and the costs of policing I believe that if we do not take a stand now this will happen to other clubs on a regular basis.

  2. Keep it up Louis. The fence sitters in the media are a disgrace because this decision is a scandalous slur on decent football supporters and everyone should be campaigning on this one.
    This is the thin end of the edge.
    They should be welcoming us with open arms to even want to travel to Huddersfield for a televised match.
    Personally my plan was to spend the week-end in the area with friends and the match was the perfect excuse to do so. But I’m boycotting the game now, they can shove it. I don’t work all week to have my limited leisure time dictated too by the police.
    After all the real reason for all of this is the threat to police budgets.
    Its got nothing to do with protecting the good citizens of Huddersfield from the rampaging drunks from Hull.
    Its about the end of the cash cow called football.
    And the threat to police wage packets.
    Gary. Hull

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