Hi my name is Louis I am 15 am a supporter of Hull City football club and follow them Home and Away.I like many other supporters was shocked by the news not that our game against Huddersfield town has been moved to a 5:20 kick off from a 12:30 kick off but the restrictions put in place by West Yorkshire Police for this game the key Focal points were that:

The away fans would only be allocated a maximum of 1500 fans allowed in the stadium to support the club at the game , the away end at Huddersfield can hold up to 4000 fans at one time this which was filled by Leeds who I see as a more high risk game than ours!

All Away fans must use the official club travel to get to the game and get their tickets this meaning no matter where you live you must go through Hull itself and go on the clubs official travel this meaning that even if you lived in the Huddersfield area you would have to go to Hull to go back to Huddersfield to go back to Hull to then make your way home to Huddersfield this causing a 300 mile journey to the ground and back even if you lived in 1-5 miles of the ground.

This presents a great difficulty to me and my friends because we would have to travel 350 miles to get to a ground that is only 30 miles away from my house in Manchester. This causes even further trouble as there are no trains back to Manchester at that time, this meaning there is no way for me to attend the game unless these restrictions are dropped. Also one of my best friends who lives in Hull is Disabled so he needs assistance from both his parents and usually stays in a hotel after the game but unfortunately west Yorkshire police have only accommodated for people who need help from only one person. The restrictions stipulate that people with disabilities are only allowed to travel to the game with one carer this meaning that my friend cannot attend the game either.

The matter of the ticket limitations also mean that in what is expected to be a pivotal game in the end of this years season and the players will need as much support as they can get but alas this cannot be so as the Police have limited us to only 1,500 fans.


Here is a picture of me in china nearly four years ago in a state which has a lot of restrictions I was still allowed to watch my team freely and with no restrictions, how is it that I am treated like a criminal and have to accept these ridiculous restrictions.

Well I say no we will not abide by rules that are forced upon us that are not just unreasonable but are just not justified, our club had 0 arrests last year related to alcohol. There is no evidence to support this descision so therefore with the help of the FSF and solicitors I am considering a legal challenge against West Yorkshire Police to get these ridiculous restrictions removed!

This is our game not theirs it was made by fans for fans and will not be ruined by anyone if we take a stand!

If everyone that reads this please put what club they supporting the comments so I can show that it isn’t just our fans that care it is the entire great football community help us to show that we will not back down and that we are just FANS not hooligans!

Please share the blog and keep checking back for daily updates on how things are going also follow me on twitter at @rightsforfans

Thanks Louis


36 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. WYP Police to take over from the Serious Fraud Squad and Anti-Terror Police.
    WYP have been given sweeping powers to pursue suspected terrorists and money launderers for the whole of the UK.

    All suspected terrorists and those under surveillance wishing to travel within the UK must first report to the City of Hull where they will be put on a bus to their chosen destination. Severe restrictions have been put in place to enforce where the passengers will be allowed to alight.

    Anyone wishing to purchase anything within the UK must first inform the Chief Constable at WYP and apply for permission. If permission is granted you must travel to Hull and catch the bus to Huddersfield, where upon arrival you will be met by uniformed officers from WYP who give you your shopping.

    Anyone attempting to purchase anything or travel without first visiting the City of Hull will be arrested for a breach of the peace.

    Ged McManus, who will oversee these new powers for WYP said in a statement “these restrictions may seem a little repressive but we must think about the safety of the people of Huddersfield wishing to go about their day to day business.”

  2. Absurd that this may happen! You have my backing. I look forward to seeing you succeed! Not enough real fans like you pal!
    Jordan – Blackburn Rovers fan

  3. I’m 52 and have supported Swindon Town F.C. since I was 9 when I moved to Swindon ,in them years I’ve seen the how as Brian Clough predicted that TV companies are taking over football

  4. Good luck mate. Here in Scotland we face similar circiumstances under the fairly new Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 which criminalises football fans for only supporting their team and gives Police greater powers to make un-justified arrests.

    Good luck and with support from Glasgow Rangers.

  5. Testing in the court is the only real way to challenge this. If West Yorkshire Police get their way on this one then the doors open for any police force to impose similar restrictions on any event simply on the basis of a self managed risk assessment and an associated assumption of policing costs. Marches, football games, music festivals, entertainment events could all be subject to severe restrictions if the police decide they cannot afford to police them properly.
    Good luck Louis; a fellow City fan

  6. Full appraise for your stance, and in admiration to your very mature attitude demonstrated in your efforts to challenge the decision. Good luck (Glasgow Rangers)

  7. Good luck with the fight. Hope you are successful. What are the reasons the Police give or have they just imposed the restrictions without explanation?
    Support from Newcastle United.

  8. Watching your team play is one life’s pleasures and should in no way be subject to a diktat from those whose sole purpose is apparently to stop such pleasures. I sincerely hope you succeed and make those suited buffoons at the Football League, television companies and the police sit up and realise that this is the fans game, not their’s, and that it is time that our wishes came first. Best of luck from a Watford fan.

  9. lets balance this out a bit shall we, Bubble matches has been going on for years and what has happened is your club and your opponents club who you are playing will have had an estimation on what it will cost to play the game and any problems that MAY arise pushes up that estimation. Clubs who are struggling cannot no longer afford these police bills and wont pay for the increase so the only alternative is the dreaded bubble match. It is a hell of a inconvenience i know because we have had to use bubble matches against cardiff and leeds over the years….Its no good blaming the police as they can only offer a service and its up to the clubs if they are willing to pay for it……you will just have to accept the situation im afraid as its the way football is going…..I can understand why you are disappointed but football is getting too expensive not just for the fan but for the clubs as well as it dont come free for the clubs and the police bill is one of those clubs are looking to cut down on, so dont be surprised if you see more and more bubble matches start to appear….good luck..

    • Yes but there is no evidence of trouble and they should have thought about fans who live outside of the area before deciding on the restrictions. Also this is why I’m fighting it to keep these ‘bubble’ matches to an absolute minimum

      • you say no evidence but you cant possibly know what evidence the police have. they would show the clubs any evidence they have anyway but it all comes down to whether the clubs want to pay or not. you will find that the clubs will want to cut down on police bills and its starting to show…you wont be the only club as most will want to cut their police bills….they wont be all bubble matches some will be away attendance allocation…

      • Dai the trouble with your comment is since the Leeds case last year it is not about whether the club are willing to pay. I am not sure if all fans know what happened as there seem to be many out of date opinions.

        The decision was that clubs are only liable for police costs within the ‘footprint’ of the stadium. All other Policing costs are for the
        Police force to fund. While we cannot be sure that judgement is driving our case I had to point out that your point is no longer valid

    • .Its no good blaming the police as they can only offer a service and its up to the clubs if they are willing to pay for it……

      er, the police force is not some kind of commercial security organisation, although they seem to be acting that way. they are funded by the taxpayers of this country.

      it is the police who assess the “risk”. based on their assessment of the “risk” they categorise the matches.

      i support wrexham, a club in the BSP. we have had a lot of changes to our fixtures because of the police.

      when the police are questioned as to why such a fixture is “high risk” despite there never being any arrests historically at said fixture (according to Home Office statistics) they retreat behind the phrase “intelligence received”. When pressed as to what that intelligence is, they say they cannot reveal it for “operational reasons”.

      so the police assess the risk, then they charge the clubs for policing that risk (pick a number) and, if questioned about their ludicrous over estimation of the risk, refuse to answer. Protection racket is the phrase that springs to mind.

      Louis, look at the words of Eady in the Leeds case. A legal challenge will succeed. I am grateful that you are doing this.

      And Louis. While you’re about it, can you ask Kent police why Wrexham’s fixture against Dartford has been moved from 3pm Saturday to 7.45 Friday. You won’t believe their answer!

  10. this is a real nuisance, and doesn’t really make any sense. regardless of costs by clubs(which im sure can be forked out anyway, even if it is outside of the premier league) it doesnt make any sense if you live close to the ground and have to go all the way to hull. from a baggies fan.

  11. Watching your team should never have rules/regulations unless you’re a serious criminal. Shame really.. a disgrace to football. Goes against everything that being a fan stands for. You have my support 100%. Let me know if I can be of any assistance @longliveche

  12. Great move, lets all try and make a difference against these ridiculous decisions against us. I hope you get your wish, mate.

    We are football fans, not criminals. We are being discriminated against.

    Newcastle United

  13. As a Watford supporter living in Manchester I appreciate the importance of away games. I also appreciate that to tar everybody with the same brush is rediculous – I usually go to games with my two young children and would not be able to do so if the same rules were applied to us.

    Fortunately for me, being a Watford fan we don’t have to worry about this sort of thing at the moment. Whilst I strongly support your campaign and I hope you have a terrible end to the season as I think Hull have been the best team we have played so far.

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